Man-Machine Combination

The man-machine combination is superior to any other AI approach. The person-in-charge man-machine approach drives how we develop applications.

“CAPTURING THE MENTAL MODEL” captures and uses world class knowledge to ensure operators trust.

“MULTIPLE AGENTS” collaborate and achieve overall optimization through fusion of the whole.

“AN INTELLIGENT AGENT” diagnoses conditions, makes recommendations and explains actions to quickly optimize the operation.

“THE OPERATOR IS IN CHARGE” and provides the agents bounded responsibilities and activities that require approval.


Building an Intelligent Agent System

An intelligent agent is a software architecture that uses expert insights structured in a graph to conduct activities within other systems. Our embedded intelligent agent is tailored specifically for solving problems using OODA Loop (Observe / Orient / Decide / Act) techniques, and by design, can communicate within a distributed multi-instance application providing your solution with flawless scalability along with broad capabilities.

At any given time, businesses experience countless changes in their environment – e.g. potential threats, changes in supply chains, server technologies, integrated systems, even weather can impact business. Your cognitive ability allows you to constantly adapt to these conditions — some consciously, others subconsciously. Similarly, our intelligent agent mimics your human cognitive ability to adapt and, in this sense, it can “think”.

Our agent-based tools are the foundation for knowledge-driven problem-solving using the concept of OODA Loops. 

Velox Technology

Velox is the framework Veloxiti AI Works has developed for implementing intelligent systems.



Velox is also not a machine-learning system, but integrating with nearly any external AI component is possible – almost trivial, in fact. Thus, Velox can serve as the integration platform for many different AI tools and techniques. 


Velox is a Java-based framework which includes an Eclipse-based development environment and a high-performance cognitive engine for executing knowledge.


Velox is not a rule-based system and has little in common with rule-based systems.


Our military heritage includes large programs such as the Pilot’s Associate and efforts in the rotorcraft and UAV domains.


Our approach has been strongly influenced by John Boyd (the OODA loop), Michael Bratman (the originator of the Belief-Desires-Intention software model), and AI pioneers such as John McCarthy.


The Data Analysis Tool (DAT) is an application for gathering human performance data during manned system experiments.