Our Tools

The building tools that we use enable us to perform many of the tasks quickly, efficiently, and with greater quality enabling us to save money for our customer.

vAnalytics™ simply creates efficient, reliable, and secure real-time communications between hundreds or thousands of applications. Our low latency approach provides flawless scalability to make streaming data analytics a reality.


vStudios™ consists of various design activities for business teams focused on productivity, competitive advantage, innovation or sharing expertise.  


vHumanMetrics™ tracks productivity from each user class or across the world, it identifies and catalogs novel metrics, automatically tracking behaviors, all while integrating multiple data sources to build actionable real-time performance intelligence.

vCognition™ is the name of our graph algorithm which is the final piece in our cognitive solutions development kit stack. 

vCognition creates a new type of support mechanism for human workers operating in a digital world.